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Our Story

BreedSmart's goal is to help you to utilise your data effectively, creating the opportunity for you to make informed decisions with maximum impact!

Farming is a competitive industry and with technology now being a necessity rather than a luxury, it is BreedSmart’s objective to help you find the right tools for your operation.

The Idea

BreedSmart started trading in January 2021. The business was born out of my own frustrations as a farmer. With each passing year the demand on farmers increases and with it our time decreases.

I come from a stud background where recording is a necessity. Time would disappear on me and to get ahead for the next yarding or the next season, I would find myself sitting at my desk at 2am in the morning, navigating a clunky system with paper strewn everywhere. There had to be a better way!

I researched how to use the tools I had more effectively, I researched what software could help me more productively and how I could adapt my management system to gain more efficiency.

It became very clear early on that navigating this transition was going to be tricky, as the market is flooded with products that look like they could offer me the world. Each system has merits and there are some amazing packages out there but it is not a one size fits all industry that we are in.

This is where the idea of BreedSmart struck me. Wouldn't it be great if I had someone that understood our operation, understood our time constraints and understood our objectives, that could guide and support our farm rather than the product.


Support, Training and Practical Solutions to meet your farm's needs.




Tailored packages for your farm’s needs and objectives

System Support

System support, analysis and upgrade

Calendar Create

Work with you to pinpoint the key calendar events and format a system that all staff members can track

ABRI Data Upload

All ABRI data upload. From Calf Rego’s to Active Dam Lists

DNA Samples

DNA samples and submission forms

Data Audit

Collate all present stock, archive and de-register historic animals.


If you have any enquiries or would like to discuss your setup.
Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Dale Boat

Dale Boat

Founder & Director

M: 027 326 1997

BreedSmart is here to make your data work for you. Your way!